Friday, July 3, 2009

Credit Cad Toplist First Post

Hello ,
This is Credit Card Toplist, A site dedicated to Helping you build and manage Credit. Also I Sometimes would provide you with the best Credit card deals on the net.Not Only is this blog a credit maintenaince blog it also a money managing solution source for anyone who wants to learn how to manage and save Money. So In other words we will attempt to get you at A Credit Score of 720 which is epitome of good Credit. The Best Score You usually Can Get while building credit is an 850. Which is usually build upon years of purchasing and fiancing continuity based products on a constant manner and also paying these fiance related prodcts off in record time.Also I hope I can assume you are Fimilar with the Three Credit Card Major Brands Major Brands Which are Visa, MasterCard and American Express.They are other companies such as Discover but to cut things shor and simple we will focus on these Top Credit card Brands which are usally taken by most Retailers.Also I love Finiancial Tutorials that can explain you some of the principals I may teach , These Finiacial base videos will create a visual picture of how the things I teach abouit Credit can be applied.Also give me some Feedback on ways I could or utilize to make this blog more user Friendly